At the Hotel Summit, we bring you pre-qualified attendies and vendors, who are ready to do business.


We believe business happens face-to-face and so does signing on the dotted line.


We use technology to our advantage, with out app, which allows you to set meetings prior to arrival, and ensures meetings happen.


Imagine walking into a hotel room/lobby and seeing the layout as is. That's what our experience center does for you. See top notch vendors displays as is.

Excited but don't know where to begin ?

Latest Reviews

  • Sergi Prous, Export Area Manager – LEDS C4

    I would like to congratulate NGAGE on the organization of the 10th Edition of the Design Mission in Turkey and the good contacts that came. It was a pleasure to meet all the contacts at the event which were scheduled during the span of the two-day event. This has been a very fruitful summit and I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about this summit.

  • Çisem Tamişci, Architect – Fiyap Yapi

    Meeting the NGAGE team was great as they were very welcoming. We really appreciate the work put when it comes to 10th Edition Design Mission Turkey and its organization. We were delighted to be there. We learned so many things. It was a great networking opportunity and gained insight about the suppliers when we had face to face meetings. We will certainly participate in NGAGE’s future initiatives and would like to thank NGAGE for everything.

  • Geometre/Geomim

    Expos are a waste of time when compared to meeting vendors in NGAGE’s format. The NGAGE team has excellent on ground management and know how to maintain client relations. The information was provided well in advance of the initiative and proved very useful to us. It was a pleasure to attend and it was a good event.

  • Sinan Baysal, - Baysal Insaat

    The level of professionalism brought by NGAGE along with their execution was spectacular. From the client relations, the face to face meetings, the panel discussions, the list just goes on, it was very memorable. I am glad to have been a part of such an initiative.

  • Evran Kurutag, - Ontan Muhendislik Mirmarlik Insaat

    We built a lot of connections in the span of 2 days with various suppliers for our upcoming and on-going projects. We look forward to future summits and attend more meetings in this innovative format to build more connections.

  • Sezai Yildirim Balin, - Divan Hotels

    It was very fruitful for us to attend NGAGE’s Design Mission Turkey. The sessions were intuitive and the cherry on top was the great client relations management. Thank you for all your efforts and giving me the opportunity to attend the summit.

  • Jereome Van Der Maat, - Triax A/S

    This summit came recommended to me by my colleague; this was our first time in Turkey and had the opportunity to see a lot of projects, they were certainly worth the value and I would highly recommend this just as my colleague did to me.

  • Decil - Fores Mirmarlik

    This summit enabled me to meet a new supplier company as well as numerable other firms that I hadn’t interacted with earlier. I was able to talk in detail through the face to face meetings about the products and details regarding my upcoming projects.

  • Cigdem Ozyedi, Interior Architect – Kalya Interior

    The NGAGE team is very professional and eager to help with a big smile. The format is innovative to say the least and look forward to bring some of my peers for future summits. Congratulations to NGAGE for hosting such a great imitative.

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